Last night i went out with a very good mate of mine. Ankles and i have been friends forever. And have seen each other through some stuff. So we are allowed to comment on each other’s lives.


Last night i got to meet the new girl in his life.

She is fine – nothing so amazing or awful that she warrants a post

But what does need telling was the crazy ‘biggest dick’ competition which ensued.


She met one of Ankles’ mates and they started discussing red wine; a potentially pretentious conversation at the best of times. This one was made more so by the fact that twice during the debate on whether Rothschild 2002 is a better wine that Squishedgrapes 2009 the in-depth conversation was interrupted so both show offs could drink tequila – out of the bottle!


This drinking style does render a point about the robust berries exploding on your tongue followed by a stroke of chocolate before a well-rounded after taste settles like honey on your tongue sound rather ridiculous! When we got to how many cases of what was brought for 21st and then slowly drunk one even more exquisite bottle after the next, every year since, i shook my head and gave up.


And still they droned on. It was mildly amusing to watch both of them so desperate to impress each other.


And of course i am adamant i was never THAT young!