i live alone cos its how i like to live. i could live with people if i chose to but it suits me better to be alone. i like being on my own. i like being in control of my environment. dammit – i like being in charge. and the longer i live alone, the more i like it

so these last two weeks have been tough. i was in jhb for a week for work. i stayed with a mate. she then came to debben with me and we joined mutual friends for a week’s holiday

holiday was great. beach was lovely. wine and weed awesome

BUT ffs!!!!! i just want to be alone

i am going slowly bananas in a most grumpy fashion at having people around me all the time; making their own noises; not lifting their feet when they walk; turning on the tv on volume 3 million while i am still asleep; leaving the shower floor went and soapy

in otherwords – just being

i wish they would go BE somewhere else

hermit – yip, i am

and so very happily so