Hello Kitty stuff, while enjoyed by many adult women (i don’t get why either) is essentially a character aimed at girls. Not really even teenager girls, more the tweens and maybe young teenage girls.

 The shiny plastic pink girly stuff is easily recognised and popular as school supplies. Little girls tie their hair into pigtails using Hello Kitty hair ties; they carry their meagre pocket money around in the little wallets; dish out peppermints or gum from the tiny tins emblazoned with Kitty’s image and even pretend clean the house with the little toy vacuum cleaner Hello Kitty produces.


But wait, that’s not all


Now every girl who wants to can get off using the Hello Kitty vibrator and massager

Massager? Yeah right. Of course that’s what it will be used for!!!


I find a Hello Kitty vibrator mildly disturbing. It smacks of all kinds of mixtures of kids and sex we do not need.

What next? – crotchless school knickers?