I woke this morning to blessed, exquisite golden silence.

I lay in my bed slowly becoming aware of the world, relishing the absolute lack of noise.

For the first time in weeks there were no kids making a noise, no baby crying, no inane tv on way too loud. Nothing.

Just silence.

As i stretched and grinned in the early morning light, the silence was gently disturbed by the russet coloured sound of wind through the trees and the silver threads of my wind chimes tinkling in the breeze.

It was a perfect start to a day – one i have missed and lusted after for 18 days; 18 days filled with other people shattering my hermit like controlled existence with the sounds of life; 18 mornings of being woken by the sound of babies crying and cartoons blasting; 18 days of non-stop company; 18 days of being a part of a group; 18 days of forced niceness.

It’s been tough!

I am a crotchety old solitary bitch – and like it like that.

I love my friends and had an awesome time – but one of the highlights of the holiday was the rich, warm, enveloping silence i woke up floating in this morning.