We sat down and grinned at each other. It had been ages since our last gathering.

‘So, how was Tiffendal?’ we asked our holiday-rested friend.

‘well….um….errr…it was okay I guess.’

The ‘ever aware of being grateful’ piece of me stirred.

‘You know, we have been there twice before and I love it,’ she continued. ‘But after Italy in January, it was just…i dunno… not what I remembered. It was….okay’


I swallowed and smiled. But my mind was racing – you have got to be fucken kidding!!!  When did a holiday become just okay? Ever? Any holiday? Least of all the second in a year.

But I smiled and said nothing. It’s just easier.


Later we went to the shared loo in the next door restaurant. And were told about some kid sitting in the corner. He had tried to mug a woman outside the restaurant by hitting her on the head with a brick, and was now waiting for the cops to collect him.

 Horrible thing to have happen to her. But all I could think about, as I stood watching this kid in a corner was what could possibly have been his life up to now that this is what he was out doing on a windy and cold evening. What options had he had thus far? Certainly not to poo-poo Tifendal cos it’s just not quite Italy.


We as a species let people starve to death because they are ‘not our kind’; we are so afraid of differences we ignore the needy; we create an environment in which eleven year olds mug and kill and rape; we go on holiday and complain it is not quite perfect. And we do not see the connection.

I went home very sad and disillusioned by the human race.