Trundling home from the beach on Sunday, i drove past a slew of people holding posters all saying the same thing


Abortion kills babies


Hmmm – i thought – to what end are these people standing on a road holding this statement up high for all to read?

To whom are they preaching?

What is their purpose?


 Not for a second do i question their right to voice their opinion btw – i just wonder why they do it, and like that.


Abortion is something everyone has an opinion on. It’s not one of those issues one can be neutral on; it’s too life and death really; it’s too fundamentally about human rights to not have an opinion. I also don’t think that this is an opinion one changes easily.

I think anti-choice people may change their opinion when it is their daughter/mother/sister carrying the child of a rape, but other than that, i think opinions of abortion are pretty set.


So what exactly is the point of shouting out that Abortion kills Babies on a street on a Sunday?


Is a pro-choice person suddenly going to realise ‘oh my fuck – is that what abortion is? I though t it was eczema! Let me immediately go and join the pro-lifers’

I think not.


Is an anti-choicer (or pro-lifer) going to run about pointing excitedly saying ‘that’s why i think what i do! See, it’s on a poster, it must be true.’

I think not


I think the only people affected by this kind of protest are women who have had abortions. And with very few exceptions, i think these women struggle with their decision often enough without this kind of thing in the streets. The few exceptions, and i have heard of them, who view abortion as a birth control method are not going to be moved by a bunch of people with posters anyway.


Few women just have abortions cos its a fun thing to do on a Saturday afternoon. Women, and sometimes their partners and families, often agonise over the decision, cry about the lost possibilities, and live forever with a sense of loss no one is compassionate about. So the only people who will have an emotional reaction to the protest are women who have already hurt; women who are dealing every day with the facts of what abortion is.


Which means these protestors simply wish to cause pain.


Or what? Am i missing the point?