I made this out of Love Green Food (ISBN 9780981416809)

Moroccan Lamb Stew

the ingredients:

moroccan lamb stew ingredients

The spices


First I rubbed salt and pepper onto the leg of lamb and browned it all round in hot olive oil. The browned lamb went into the roasting tin to wait, and I turned the heat down.

 The onions went into the oil and sweated. The garlic and ginger followed and everything got yummy and soft. The turmeric, cumin, cardamom pods, cinnamon, and sugar went in next. When spices like that heat up, i know why i like to cook. It smelt amazing.

When everything was coated and a wonderful shade of russet, the tomatoes and veggie stock went into the pot too. While that was boiling, i chopped up potato and sweet potato and put them around the leg of lamb. Once the liquid had simmered for a bit i poured it all over the lamb and mixed the veggies up. Then i covered it all, put it in a 160 oven and left it for nearly three hours. When we opened the food it, the smell was gentle but complete, thick and luxurious.

finished product

The meat all but fell off the bone. The potatoes were sublime and the sauce spicy and earthy. Nom nom nom