Open Arms

Marina Endicott


this is a gentle, sweet well written book full of hope and life.


There are essentially two stories told in the book: one when Bess is 20 and visits her father’s new wife with her half sister; and one 4 years later when Bess goes in search of her mother with her grandmother. In some ways the book is Bess, slowly sorting herself out as she reaches some sort of maturity. It has clumsy moments and awkward ones, ones of great compassion and kindness and irritated ones. Much like most teenagers and young adults. Bess is so ordinary she is each of us in some ways, despite the odd life she has had.


The book about women and mothers and daughters and sisters; and how sometimes we don’t say and do what maybe we should. It’s about how sometimes we can be so kind to each other and other times really screw things up.

and its about love and the many ways it is shown.

And disregarded too.


The characters are very human and completely believable. Even the bit actors in the story have warmth and depth.


The end is a bit Hollywood for my tastes, but in small town such as where the action takes places, maybe coincidence has a different meaning from in the big cities.


a lovely book – worth borrowing and reading on a rainy weekend