What and who we find sexually attractive is not something we have control over.

You like tall lanky blondes, i like more rounded brunettes, you find long hair revolting on men but love a good afro, i find long hair sexy and wild, you like members of the same sex, i like ones of the opposite sex….you get the picture.

It doesn’t matter cos we can all fill our own fantasies and chase the people we find sexy and attractive

And no one minds


But what if you thing is something a bit off centre? What if you find midgets or pregnant woman or amputees really sexy?

The world looks at you like you are a freak and a sexual weirdo. But still, you can fulfil you fantasies either by finding a person who matches your desires or by digging around on the interwebz for suitable, if slightly odd porn.


But what if we go one step further and your sexual desires are illegal? What then? What if your juices flow for images of dead people, violent crime or, the worst of the worst for society, children?


Is this a malicious choice a person makes, or simply a bit of really unfortunate wiring in their heads?

Does the person have a choice at what he (or she) reacts to biologically?


What the person does have, or should have, is impulse control.

But if the wiring is so jumbled that 5 year olds appear sexy, could the wiring for the impulse control perhaps also be misfiring?


Does no one think for even a second that rather than bad and evil, these men are might be mad and sad.

That maybe compassion and therapy is what is needed

That no man WANTS to be a paedophile

That they need help (while kept away from society) rather than castration and hatred


Just a thought