I have just seen Avatar. And hmmmm. Let me think.

 I do not agree with all the comments made about how it is racist and perpetuates the idea that indigenous people need a great white saviour in order to survive. I think to reduce the film to that is to do it a great injustice.

 I think it is about the environment; about connectivity; about the oneness of humanity that those in power of technology are refusing to see. I think it is about how greed destroys and less is so often more. I think it about how consumerism and selfish capitalism are evil and will lead to the destruction of the earth. I think it is about how chasing material wealth makes you blind to what really matters, to what wealth really is.

 And I think it is about how every human being reaches a point of decision and can either protect his own race, be that colour, culture or origins based, or he can let go of his fear and become one of the people.

 Jake Sully is no white saviour saving the savages from themselves. Or even from the onslaught perpetuated by the Sky People. Jake Sully is a broken and incomplete man who is rescued and saved, as a man and as a human being, by the Ni’vo. They are the saviours; they are the better human beings; they are the ones who have got it right and are living life as it should be.

 And yes, they are reflective of many of the indigenous people of the world, some of who are white. They respect their planet and all life on it. They are aware of their place in the greater scheme of thing and do not believe themselves to have some kind of inalienable right to all the planet has. The representatives of the white people in the eyes of those who condemn this movie as racist, are the fools; the murderers; the blind. And ultimately, the vanquished. This movie makes racists and those who believe their civilisation to be the only valuable one, into complete twits the audience is rooting for the destruction of.

 To put this movie in the box of racism is to miss what I think the real message is.

 We HAVE to start seeing and believing in the interconnectivity of everything; and stop destroying stuff just cos we can when we do not understand how everything matters to everything, or we as a race – the human race – will be sent packing; we will be left with a dying planet.

 We stand at a time in history where we all have a choice – are we going to be loyal to our race, or to The People? The wrong choice is going to be the destruction of all of us.

 We need to all be people first, and to save our world together. Each group has something to contribute and we HAVE to learn each other’s language and listen.

 We simply have to.

 And that is what I think Avatar is all about.