So, quite a few people have commented on the ideas in my post about how we whities use comparative language skills to mock non-white South Africans. Lots of people seem to think that Afrikaaners face the same kind of derision from English speaking people.


To that I say boohoo.



How can you possibly equate the two?


Sure, English speaking people can like to mock how Afrikaaners wear their jean pant – but we are doing it as equals. Not equals on paper like we are all supposed to be, but actual equals. Equals in our heads and in the heads of the people we tease.


If I tell an Afrikaaner I can like to frow him wiff a rock – he can tell me to fuck off. Or he can like to tell me to fuck off. Cos we have no power issues between us. In fact, historically the Afrikaans white man has been top of the pile in this country for so long that if anything, I should feel less able to mock him than he feels able to swear back at me.


If I mock the guy putting petrol in my car because of his accent he cannot tell me to fuck off. Not without the fear of losing his job.


In addition to the fact that the power relationship between us makes the mocking of the previously disempowered much more damaging than frowing your Afrikaans neighbour wiff a rock – us whities have no excuse for not being bilingual.


We all went to lovely little government schools our whole school career. We had teachers and books and buildings and excursions and opportunities to learn both languages in relative comfort. That Afrikaans people speak vrot English, and English speakers speak ever vrotter Afrikaans is their (our – cos I include me in this groups most definitely) fault.


That so many black people speak appalling English is the fault of the crap Bantu education they were subjected to. And don’t tell me it’s all better now so anyone under the age of 16 has no excuse. That’s crap. Have you seen the schools in the Eastern Cape? Equal my fat white ass!


What equals do is tease each other.

What whites do to blacks about their English language skill is mock

They are not the same thing

And do not have the same effect.