Oh I do love to play with people

I do


On Friday night there I was all whore-like with my short skirt, red lips and black wig talking to the generally rather proper parents at my nephews’ primary school. Some nice people but also a bunch who really think the size of their car counts in terms of their value as human beings.


Anyway – some of the parents I know and many of them did not recognise me. Partly cos of the wig etc and partly cos there is so much less of me than there was last time I saw them. I was standing with a group of people when someone I knew came along. At first she did not recognise me but when she did she let out an excited squeal. In a middle aged drunken way she slung her arm over my shoulder and addressed the whole group.


‘I don’t want to embarrass kim,’ she slurs, ‘but she has just lost like a huge amount of weight. What is it Kim – must be 30 kilos.’

‘Yip’ said I

‘Wow’, said members of the group with that weird combination of enevy and i-wish-i-could-stab-you-in-the-eye-right-now look people get when they hear of the loss.

‘How did you do it?’


‘Cocaine’ says I as I turn and leave the group


I couldn’t resist