As some of you may know I am an escaped catholic

I am so not a catholic that i don’t approve of Catholicism


Non catholics are not allowed to be rude about the faith

Only I am

And other escaped catholics


I know this makes no sense but it is the way it is

Like you can say your mom is a bitch but no one else had better even think about it!


Which all defines my reaction to priest jokes


I hate them

For many reasons


I hate them because not all priests are kiddie fondlers. There are good men who are priests, doing good work. I don’t approve of their methods and the whole conversion thing and don’t wear condoms so die of aids shit – but that does not mean they all molest kids.


But mostly I hate it because these jokes would not be acceptable if it were any other group of people being maligned


If I said that all gay men rape little boys

Or all black people steal

Or all white people are racist

Or all women are stupid

Or anything else that’s started with ‘all…’ it would not be acceptable.

It would be deemed offensive to those who do not do these things. I would not be allowed to say those things – and rightly so


But some priests are fucked up paedophiles and it’s okay to talk about them all as though they are


Some gay men do rape kids

Some black people do steal

Some white people are racist

Some women are stupid

And some priests are paedophiles


If you want to have a go have a go at the CHURCH that does nothing to protect the kids or punish the men

But to make jokes which assume all priests are deviants is prejudice

and prejudice is not okay


But this may be my catholic roots being offended of course