Last night was fish and chips and mushy peas. And was delicious!

I started by making the batter about an hour before I cooked. It took all of five minutes to sift the flour (230g) with salt, pepper. I then stirred in a beaten egg and slowly poured a cold Hansa into the mix, whisking all the time. The whole beer went in and made a fine looking batter. The recipe asks for more beer than we get in a bottle and the batter seemed fine with one bottle. I guess you could use less flour and have a runnier batter if that made you happier.

Anyway – the batter went into the fridge until I started to cook. Half an hour before we wanted to eat I heated the over and put the oven chips in.

I put water on to boil and a pan with about an inch of oil on to heat. I don’t like to deep fry – so I used less oil and turned the fish over. I used Hake fillets, defrosted, and cut them into tops and tails.

The peas went into the simmering water at the same time as the first half of the fish went into the batter and then into the hot oil. 4 minutes or so and the tail halves of the fish were done. I took them out when they were golden brown on both sides.

I then turned the heat off under the peas and put the fatter pieces of fish, battered, skin side down into the oil. While that side was browning I strained the peas and put them back into the hot pot. A tablespoon of chilli/garlic olive oil, 2 tablespoons of plain yoghurt (my low cal replacement for the cream the recipe asked for) and some finely chopped mint went into the peas too.

By then it was time to turn the fish and use a hand whizzer on the peas to make mushy peas. I didn’t mush them completely so there was a mix of textures.

Fish out of the pan and onto a plate with kitchen towel, previous thrown into the over oven chips out and the meal was ready.

The batter was light and crispy, the fish moist and tender. The peas were amazing. The mint just lifted them from boring peaness and the chilli in the oil added a little spark.

A really easy, yummy meal that took all of about ten minutes to actually cook with almost no prep.


Pesactarian friend gave it 8/10

BF was at pub quiz so missed out

I gave it 7/10


So a 7,5 average