When the recipe said bouillabaisse it really meant fish soup – if you are going to be proper about it and all. Cos I believe bouilla-what’s it requires three days, a French accent and a vineyard to make properly.

So I made fish soup

This also comes from Plum magazine – they are very South African. They have no adverts as such because the adverts are incorporated into the recipes. This came from the Lucky Star section.

I started by heating some olive oil from my garlic chilli oil pot (GCOP)(does anyone actually measure 15ml of olive oil when frying stuff?) and then sautéing a chopped onion, 4 of my GCOP garlic cloves and a large carrot. 5 minutes later or so I added the optional 180ml of white wine. (Like wine is ever optional!) I let this simmer away for a while (5 minutes or so) and then added 750ml of veggie stock. Recipe called for fish stock but I was fresh out of that. I also added a tin of whole tomatoes which I chopped up with the edge of the wooden spoon. The recipe also asked for a pinch of saffron but I can’t bring myself to pay more for spices than I would for medicine. I put some turmeric in instead.

25 minutes later I put about 1kg of frozen seafood mix and two tins of filleted chopped up sardine. I used the sardines in water, not oil and chopped them quite big.

That simmered for 15 minutes while I sliced some fancy bread and grated mozzarella. I grilled the cheese and bread just to make it look a bit upmarket.

And this was the rather delicious result

Between the bf and I we gave it a 7/10

the recipe would feed 4 comfortably as a main course

So easy too