I have decided to see what cutting carbs out of my diet will do for my IBS and general sense of well-being. Seeing as I am in Cape Town and away from my normal routine for almost 3 weeks I thought it was a good time to do this now.

I may well be eating carbs I don’t know about, hidden in baby carrots or bananas, but don’t tell me okay.  The point is that I am not eating any obvious carbs which is enough I think.


It does make eating a little challenging – who know how basic a role carbs plays in so many meals.

Today I bought the Pick n Pay magazine Fresh Living and used one of the recipes I found.


I bought skinless, boneless chicken breasts, a small packet of feta and some pepperdews.  I crumbled the feta cheese and chopped some pepperdews into it. I added one of those freebie packets on Robinson Italian Herbs paste and a bit of dried Italian herbs too. A drop of olive oil made it all stick together nicely.  I sliced pockets into the chicken breasts and stuffed each with some of the mixture. They went onto a lightly greased baking tray and into a pre-heated oven at 180 degree C oven


20 minutes later I made a salad (no potatoes) and sliced 2 breasts up. And this is it

Very nice and uber filling.

Day 2 of carb free eating done and dusted. Feeling good but windy like a cowboy on beanfest night!