I have been fed by other people for the last little while – hence no recipes

I will cook again tonight but in the meantime decided it was time for a non-food post – cos I do do them too ya’know


The other day I was walking in a mall somewhere and in front of me was a man and his wife and child. The man was dressed in that long white kaftan thing Muslim men wear and the woman in what non-Muslims call a burka but which is actually a niqab– all the way to her feet. The child was young and so dressed in ordinary western clothes. Nothing unusual for Durban really.


I walked past them and then happened to see the woman from the front. She was completely covered up, just her eyes visible. Her eyes and the largest pregnant belly I have seen walking around in a long time. She must’ve been days from popping.


Now I know Muslims have sex, of course they do. And they get pregnant etc. but for some reason I was really surprised at the combination of such modest clothing and evidence of sex.

I don’t think I have ever seen a pregnant Muslim woman before.

I am a bit nonplussed at my own surprise – where did I think Muslim women went when pregnant?