Last night’s dinner didn’t photo very well so you will have to live with a description only. I made stuffed aubergines. I am trying to make friends with aubergines, and it is a struggle. But this meal was actually okay – in fact even nice.

I bought two little brinjals – one for dinner and one for school lunch.  I cut them in half length ways and scooped out most of the flesh. There is a line in the flesh which is easy to use as the edge of the scoop – seems the veggie wants to be gutted.

I fried some onions, spring (green) onions and garlic very gently. Then I added some sliced mushrooms, peppers, the brinjal flesh and herbs, salt and pepper, and got everything softened. Off the heat the pan came and in went a pile of basil, chopped tomato (shoulda used baby tomatoes) and balsamic vinegar.

I lightly brushed the outside of the brinjal with a bit of oil and then piled the filling back into the shells. Of course it didn’t all fit so I also had a little bowl of it. I put feta over the top of the filled shells, and the bowl, and put the whole lot in the over at 180 for 20 minutes.

I made a salad and some just not-raw broccoli and cauli florets to go with the already veggie rich meal – but that was only cos I couldn’t have a starch and the aubergines I bought were small.

It was quite nice actually – if you are a great fan of the eggplant you will love it. Next time I might use more tomato to make it more moist, and maybe some melty cheese too.  But there will be a next time and that’s what matters I guess.


PS – gotta wonder why this single veggie has so many names: eggplant, aubergine, melongene, brinjal and guinea squash. Which do you use?