I like eggs but seldom remember to eat them. When I saw a recipe for curried eggs I thought I’d give it a bash.

To start I boiled 4 eggs until they were hard. I then peeled them and left them to cool. I made an error here and let them cool too slowly so the whites went a bit blue/grey. It didn’t damage the flavour but it looked less than perfect.


Anyway, I then gently cooked a diced onion, garlic, and some celery on a low heat with a good few teaspoons of medium curry powder. I let it all cook over a medium heat for about 10 minutes until it was all soft and golden. I then added a tin of tomatoes, about a cup of veggie stock, seasoning and a pile of broccoli. (You may have noticed that I used the veggies I had rather than sticking to any recipe rigidly.)

After about 20 minutes odd the sauce was thick so I popped the boiled eggs in, stirred it all up and let it them heat through.

It was actually quite nice and was very nice for school lunch today. Curry often is.