So – I saw a recipe for fish (salmon) with honey and peppercorn paste. I thought it odd but decided that that was why it appealed to me. I am not a fan of sweet savoury food so this was a deviation from my usual food.

I bought some fynbos honey on my trip up the west coast last week and was keen to use it. I mixed twice as much lemon juice and honey in a bowl with a good grinding of pepper corns. I used the second half of the hake I bought to make the hake and salad. I preheated the oven to 200 and put the frozen fish in a baking tray. I poured the honey-lemon-pepper mix over the fish and put it in the oven. Twice during the 20-odd minutes it cooked for I opened the oven and basted the fish.

While it was cooking I slowly stir fried red onion, garlic and broccoli.

When I dished up the fish I decided that if I was in for a penny I may as well be in for a pound, so I poured the now thickened sauce in the baking tray over some of the fish.

And shock horror great surprise, it was really nice. The sourness of the lemon together with the pepperiness of, that’s right, the pepper, and sweetness of the honey actually all worked together really well. I left one piece of fish undoused with the sauce, and went back to add it.

I am still surprised it worked – but it did.

This I will make again