So, I am home! Yay. Some three-odd weeks away from home was just too much. So good to be in my own space with the bf. I did miss him.

and even better – I am back into my own kitchen.

This afternoon the bf and i decided on a random recipe book and the four meals for this week.

The book is All Colour South African Cookbook – by Sannie Smit. The book was published in 1982 so it has some wonderfully old fashioned food in it. The photos alone are worth smiling at.

The four recipes we picked are:

  • Fish with a creamy fennel sauce (actually – we just decided they went together)
  • Fish loaf with prawn sauce. It looks just too 70s not to make. I am going to buy a brown swirly patterned table cloth just to use when we eat it.
  • Spinach and tomato bake. That’s for our Meatless Monday which may well be on Thursday. I may make stuffed kohlrabi to go with this if i can find kohlrabi.
  • Chicken and broccoli bake.

Recipes, opinion and photos will follow during the week.

Tonight is bf soup night – mushroom soup on the menu. Looking forward to that – will share later