The bf makes soup on Sundays. I am trying hard to establish this as a set-in-stone tradition because it is just fabulous to not have to cook on a Sunday. And soup seems the perfect Sunday dinner. So I shall be encouraging him – a lot!

For Christmas I suggested a family member of mine buy him a soup recipe book (sneaky sneaky) and the result has been some really yummy Sunday night dinners. Now I am back home, I reinstated the new tradition with enthusiasm last night. And got mushroom soup with sage for my efforts. I like mushroom soup but usually balk at the cost of mushrooms. On Saturday we happened upon a mushroom shop and bought a bag of stalks for almost no money and used them. They are perfect for soup as they hold their shape and taste just as good as the tops.

Bf started by prepping everything, cos that’s how he likes to cook. Then he gently fried a finely chopped onion and 2 garlic cloves in some butter. When that looked all translucent, he stirred in a tablespoon of flour and cooked that for about a minute. I helped at this stage (I was actually getting more wine out of the fridge and couldn’t really say no) to pour the stock (1 litre vegetable stock) into the mixture. Once that was all added, 750g of mushrooms went into the pot. The recipe called for wild mushrooms but unless you live on a farm I think these are a little hard to find. We bought a mix of mushrooms and that was fine. We used the aforementioned stalks as well as three other types of mushrooms we found at the veggie market shop.

Anyway – I went back to the couch with my wine and he allowed the mixture to come to the boil. He then turned it down and let it simmer for about 15 minutes. Then he added about 5 leaves of sage, chopped up.

We whizzed the soup up with a blender-wand until most but not all of it was creamy. A cup of white wine and seasoning went in at this stage and the whole lot was left to reheat through.

Served with rye bread this was a definite go-back-for-seconds meal. And using the mushrooms stalks meant it was not in the least expensive.

I think the mushrooms cost about R30 and there was enough soup for us to each have two bowlfuls last night and there is enough for one of us for lunch too.

Very nice indeed. Will keep that recipe in mind when next I see mushroom reasonably priced.