There wasn’t a beef, or any red meat actually, meal scheduled for last week, but the supermarkets messing with my requirements meant that things did not work out as planned. Which is fine seeing as the plan each week is an idea rather than some rigid structure.

Anyway – on Thursday my bestie, David, came for dinner. I love him dearlie but he is a pain in the arse to feed really. He doesn’t eat fish and is essentially a meat and two veg kinda guy. The result is that he always gets really awesome food when I feed him. It’s probably twice a month or so that I feed him, and often with the only red meat meal in the week or fortnight for us. So I make sure it is special.

This Thursday continuing with the 70/80s theme I made beef olives. I remember the idea of them from my childhood but I am not sure I have actually ever eaten them. I do know I had never made them before.

For how finicky they seem they are actually hellova easy to make.


I bought a topside roast and cut 9 thin slices from it. These I covered in cling film and beat into thinness. I don’t have a mallet so I used a wine bottle. Floyd would’ve been proud of me.

I had the stuffing ready and cooling when I did this. The stuffing was sautéed mushrooms, onions and bacon (again – gotta love the 70s really) mixed with parsley, chopped black olives and lemon juice. This was then wrapped in a piece of flattened meat, poked together with a toothpick.


I heated some oil in one of my cast iron pots and browned the 9 beef olives. I then added warmed up port and left it all to simmer for about 90 minutes.

I then proceeded to drink a load of red wine and only realised too late that my homes was a green veggie free zone. So we had the beef olives with baked potatoes only. The plate could have done with some colour but it certainly was not lacking in taste.

Beef olives rock!

I wrote this post a few days after the meal so there is no score for it. Bf and David say it is not fair to feed them more good meals and then expect them to think back to a previous one and score it. Fair enough I guess.