The piece of topside I bought for Thursday’s beef olives was larger than I needed. I was left with a chunk of meat and figured that if the beef olives were so nice surely some kind of a pot roast idea would work with the leftover meat.

To be honest I have no idea what a pot roast is but I assume it is a roast cut of meat made in a pot.

I heated some garlic-chilli oil and browned all sides of the meat. I then added some onions, garlic, chilli and chunky cut red, yellow and orange peppers to the pot. I poured in a tin of tomatoes and half a tin of water and left it to simmer gently for over an hour. About 45 minutes in I remembered the mushrooms and popped them in the pot too. Adding them so late was a good error – they kept their shape perfectly but were still cooked.

I made jasmine rice to go with it and it was certainly no leftover meal. It was a really beautiful meal too – the peppers kept their colour and the reds, oranges and yellows against the tomatoey base made for a very visually appealing plate of food.

I will certainly repeat the whole two-meal set again.

Bf gave this a whopping 9/10

I thought it was pretty bloody delicious too.