I am busy sorting out my collection of recipes torn from magazines and making my own recipe file.

This means I am being bombarded by a wide variety of often unexpected recipes I once liked the look of.

It is making for a very eclectic menu.

On Saturday I made lamb shank cooked in Guinness and had quite a bit of the delicious cooking liquid left over. I knew it would make a great gravy so when I found a recipe for skillet corn bread I could see dinner happening.

You could make this bread on a braai or in a fire too I’d think – you’d just need a lid for the skillet.

You need:

1 cup mealie meal or polenta. I used mealie meal and it was lovely. I am sure polenta would be too – and a little more upmarket too.

1 cup cake flour. I used half cake flour and half self-raising flour – by accident really.

3 tsp baking powder. To compensate for the flour mess up I used half the amount. It worked just fine.

1 tsp fine salt. I tried to use ground salt but it wouldn’t go through the sieve, so I learnt that when the recipe says fine salt, it means it

2 cups of veggies. I used 1 cup sweet corn kernels (you could use canned if you had to I guess), ½ cup onion and ½ cup peppers. You could use anything I’d think.

4 Tbsp chopped coriander

3 jumbo eggs. I only had large so I used 4. Worked out fine.

1 cup yoghurt or buttermilk. I used buttermilk.

3 Tbsp olive oil.

You do:

Sieve the flour, baking powder and salt together. Chop the veggies up and add them and the coriander to the dry ingredients. Whisk the eggs and mix with the yoghurt or buttermilk and oil. Mix the dry and wet ingredients until combined. Pour into a butterered skillet and put in a preheated oven at 180C

Cook for about 35 minutes. It goes all golden brown when ready and the top is firm.

Take out and let cool for about ten minutes and serve.

I served with mutton sausages and the sauce from the shank made into gravy. The bread is thirsty in all the right kinds of ways, so prepare more gravy than you think you will need.

I had a slice with butter for lunch today and it was delicious all over again

Bf gave the bread a 3 helpings score.

Low effort high yield – perfect