Interesting book this one.

It’s the classic ‘girl meets boy, girl and boy fall in love, boy has sex-change throwing everyone’s idea of sexuality, gender and sexual orientation into a blender’ love story really.

Allison, ex-wife to Will, teacher in a small town, and mother to Carly meets Dana. University professional and all round really nice guy. Things are wonderful until Dana explains his hairlessness and occasional erectile dysfunction – female hormones will do that.

The story is told from the point of view of the four main characters and I found each of them completely believable. With a first name like Chris, I was unsure of the sex of the author – and the fact that all four characters were believable made working it out impossible. I even considered whether the author were a transsexual at one stage.

At times perhaps naïve I still found the story engaging and I came away having learnt two lessons

What they are does not matter but a book that can send the reader off with a different way of viewing the world, is, in my estimation, worth reading

Love and sex are complicated and I do wonder whether the lofty idea that we fall in love with a soul somewhat simplistic. Sex matters – and sex with a person with the genitalia and practices that belong to the group you are sexually attracted to, really matters.

When Dana emerges from surgery physiologically a woman but still emotionally and intellectually the man Allison fell in love with, they both have a struggle on their hands. I was dragged right into that struggle – and empathised with both women.

A very interesting book indeed – it will make you question your own ideas about sex, love and tolerance.