harmless fun chick-lit. nothing spectacular or extraordinary but readable and fun
a lying by the pool kind of book i read in two sittings

i like that South Africa stories exist that are not about the issues of South Africa. In this one a South African girls dashes off to New York to lick her wounds, essentially. She does what young people in a foreign city do – works, likes in a crap place, makes friends, drinks, does drugs and has inappropriate sex. Like we all did in our 20s – most of us in London. Oh, and misses Five Roses tea.

She doesn’t angst about race or AIDS or poverty or the state of the education system. She is not politically South African – there is no commentary in the book, it is just a story about a girl in New York who happens to be South Africa.

i am always so glad when i find African books that are simply books from Africa.

I shall get Nick’s other offering This Way Up to read on an aeroplane – this book would have been perfect for that i think