A few days ago the bf and I had this conversation:

Him: We have almost no sugar left. Have you started putting sugar in your tea?

Me: Nope. It’s you who has a cup of sugar in your teaspoon of coffee

Him: Ja ja but I only have two cups a week and there is almost no sugar left.

Me: Well, I dunno. Maybe Audrey has lots in her tea on Fridays (Audrey is our once a week maid)

Him: Fuck Kim, she’d have to drink 5 litres of the stuff to use that much sugar. Maybe she is taking sugar.

At this stage I started to feel a little stressed. I really can’t be for accusing the maid of stealing sugar – how cliched can you get

Him: Maybe we should set a test

I now started to hyperventilate. I was dreading the ‘let’s measure the sugar and catch her’ conversation I saw coming. I do not want to be with someone who would do this. This is not a plan I want to hear coming from the mouth of the man I live with. I stared at him, watching him change before my eyes

Him: Let’s just buy Audrey a big bag of sugar every month and then maybe you won’t need to top up our supply during the month. And maybe ask her if any other food stuff might help – she is feeding a whole family and I think some weeks we are her only job

For real – he really said that!