Today I had to go fetch my stove and freezer from up the hill where they have been living for a while

I haven’t got a bakkie and the Audi boot, while large, is not that large

So I hired a man and his men and his bakkie to fetch the stuff for me.

I went with him in the bakkie while the men sat on the back. Lucky lucky men!

I was terrified. I think I may have left finger nail marks in the Jesus Christ handle on the passenger side of that bakkie cab.


We get into the cab at the tail end of peak hour traffic and head off to the highway. Within about five minutes the dude has asked if I smoke and if I mind if he does. I say it’s fine and I swear he lit a joint. A tampax sized joint! Every now and then it smelt like tobacco though and as I am not a morning smoker and pretty much gag at the smell of smoke before half a glass of wine, I was not sure enough to say anything. But I am pretty sure it was a baseball bat of a doob!


Then he talks on his phone as we weave between traffic and go up skinny little hairy roads, through the gorge and up the other side.


Steering with his elbow cos he is holding the phone, changing gears with his pinky cos he is holding the joint I just looked out the window and tried not to cry

And then we loaded my stuff and had to do it all again to get home. sigh

But I now have a freezer and a stove – and plastic under my finger nails