Today was that day all women look forward to all year (sarcasm font required)– for 364 days the day lurks in the back of your mind poking you every now and then.

And not in a good way


Worse for some women of my age than a birthday, the annual gynea appointment is for only one short day a good thing. And that good day for me is today. cos I went this morning.

So for 365 days I don’t have to do it again

Tomorrow, when it is less than a year to go, the niggle will start again


So – going to the gynea is bound to result in some kind of speculum-drenched, cold-metal feeling blog post – right? Right?

Actually no – I think I have found the holy grail of gyneas.


So this post is actually about the paying of parking.


But quickly – this about the angel music gynea – I got there at 10:20 for my 10:30 appointment and settled down for the inevitable long wait.

He called me in at 10:29! I got such a surprise I almost dropped my book. And I did forget to get nervous.

25 minutes later, all done and dusted but not rushed. Poked and prodded but not painfully nor with what always feels like liquid nitrogen soaked metal bits. Maybe he has a warmer for the instruments of torture!


The angels did singeth and light did shineth through yonder window.


I am not even dreading the next appointment – which says a lot seeing as I so dreaded this one my last one was 5 years ago. I know – sies and dangerous.


Anyway – the good bit of the story was at the car park. I stuck my ticket into the machine and it asked for R5. I really did stand looking at it for a moment, blinking, as I mentally went through my bag looking for any cash at all.

‘Aha’ thought I – my emergency money which used to be stashed for 3am emergencies of a nature I no longer have.

‘Bugger’ said I as I realised the emergency was a blue money and the machine only takes green and brown moneys


I then squatted next to the machine and started to dig around, desperate for the R5 we all know is hiding somewhere in the bottom of every bag. Sadly it would seem I have done this before and the R5 was gone.

While squatting and digging and woman with a baby in a pram walked up ‘I am so glad to see you doing that’ she said, smiling. ‘I did it yesterday and thought I must be the only person daft enough not to even have R5 on them.’

We grinned at each other as I scrabbled about bit more, finding many really important papers at the bottom of my bag.

I looked up as she touched my shoulder and handed me a R5 coin. I started to say I didn’t have other money to swap it with when she just shook her head, smiled at me as said ‘pay it forward’


I know it was only R5 but I felt entrusted by her with something much more valuable.