A friend of mine popped in yesterday with some forms I needs to sign for her. We sat in the living room and had a cup of tea, enjoying the sun streaming through the windows.

We chatted about random things – the way friends do.

I launched into a story which for some reason started with an explanation of who another friend of mine was. Mid-way through the explanation I stopped and looked at Lynn.

‘I have no idea what I was going to tell you and why I started off with this bit.’

‘Hmm’, she said, trying to recall the start of the story, ‘me neither’.

We both tried to remember what we were talking about – to no avail

Yesterday morning we were two old ladies sitting in the watery winter sun drinking tea, not remembering what they were talking about.

This is like deja vu in reverse

Old Ladies at Tea, Linda Braucht (20th C. American), Computer Graphics