As a new dog owner who lives with a puppy in a home which is actually too small for him, I have to take the little critter on a daily walk.
This is Ozzie – my now 5 month old Springer Spaniel
I have grown to really love these walks.
I have found a route which allows me to let him off the leash for a while which makes him very happy, and which includes a long stretch on the promenade where I get to people watch which makes me very happy.

Today I had the most delightful interaction with a little boy. I walked past a dad with his three children, two girls and the baby of the family, a most endearing little chap. He was probably about 3 or so, but quite a brave child.
And he was fascinated by Ozzie, but not quite enough to actually approach him. The family was walking in front of me, gaining on me a little as I allowed Ozzie to sniff around and catch up on the dog facebook sprinkled all over the pavement.
The little boy kept stopping to watch Ozzie and I, giggling nervously but with great delight as we got closer to him. He would then turn and see how far his dad and sisters were and run on his little chubby toddler legs to join them. Only to then stand still, watching us approach again.
What was so sweet was that Ozzie seemed to be interaction with this child too. Every time the boy stopped near his father’s legs and stared at us, Ozzie would sit and stare back at him for a while before turning to me and then trying to run towards the boy. The boy would squeal with delight and probably a little fear until Ozzie’s leash stop his forward movement, and then just watch us, smiling.

The father was fully aware of what was going on as his son would grab or bump into his legs each time he rejoined his family, as though reassuring himself they were there before allowing them to walk off again.

The dad and I shared adult smiles over the head of his besotted and excited son.

When the family veered off the track to return to their car, the little boy stood on the slightly higher walkway and waved at Ozzie and I frantically, face split with a huge grin.

Thanks little boy and small dog – I have been smiling all afternoon at your sweetness