I had such a shocking thing said in my company last night that I simply have to write it down
Maybe this will enable me to let it go cos it has been running around and around in my head all morning, upsetting me repeatedly.

As you may know, I have a new puppy; my first dog really. And he is besotted with me in the way I think only puppies ever are.

I was at dinner last night with friends and a friend of a friend. I was talking about the puppy and how he sometimes follows me so closely that his nose bumps my calf. I was telling this story as in indication of how smitten he is with me, and as a joyful story. This friend of friend said, and I am as close to quoting as possible, ‘ A few kicks and he will learn not to walk so close to you.’

A few kicks
Administered to a puppy
To teach him not to show how much he loves me


To a puppy

I am still stunned by this statement

Who the fuck kicks an animal, least of all a puppy. For loving you too much

I was rendered speechless
And still am

And shocked