So, I have decided to do this #100happydays thing

I initially decided to do it using words not images because words come more easily to me, but then I thought about it and thought easy shmeasy

so now i plan to do a bit of both

Day 1 – walking the dogs


In a relatively short time I have gone from a complete cat person totally not interested in dogs to owning 3 dogs around whom a lot of my life revolves.

I love owning dogs, I love my dogs and I love how they love me. I really am a better person for owning dogs. I remember reading once that everyone thinks they have the best dog, and everyone is right. ‘Strue.

But I miss my cats too – they remain aloof and cat-like but because I am so often buried beneath dog, they seldom get to come and demand attention.

This photo is as much about my dogs, the city you can see in the distance in which i love living, and the fact that after months of pain i am actually able to walk on the beach again

A very happy start to #100happydays