I feel like I have stepped into a really weird movie as an extra at the moment.

Just an extra mind you, this is not my life but the lives of people in my circles.

A friend of mine is missing in the Bahamas. Literally missing. Like in t movie only this is very very real. And unlike the movies, CSI or Missing Persons Inc don’t sweep in and solve the case in 45 minutes, returning the missing person to the loving arms of his family. In real life I cannot image what his family is going through. As a friend, and an historical rather than hugely active one, I am worried enough. I wish there was something I, or any one else, could actually do. But what can be done is being done by those best suited to do – and so everyone else waits for news.

In addition to this, another circle entirely are also looking for a missing man. I don’t know this man, but people I do know are posting on FB that he is missing and they are searching mountains and trying to trace movements. Again, how his family and friends function during this stressful time is beyond me.

And then there is the friend who had her twins ridiculously early (like 25 weeks) and is some how managing to live hour by hour as her boys face unbelievable struggles just to breath. Where she is finding the strength she so obviously has I have no idea.

And here I am, taking photos of flowers that make me happy.

Day 5’s photo is a screen shot from my FB timeline


Life is an unbalanced and unfair bastard

And all we can do, when ours is good, is appreciate the flowers that make us happy.

And when ours is bad, we can only hope we find the strength we need, and have the support we require

I dunno – it all feels very hard for lots of very good people right now