An emotional few days
The missing friend was found – but in close to the worst possible way. Sadly he died in the Bahamas. My mind has been full of the thought of the pain his family is going through. I lost a brother so I know something of how truly awful this week has been for his sisters and parents.
It is just too awful

I considered postponing my #100happydays but then thought on it again. For a start, Shaun was a man who lived large and lived happy.While acknowledging the deep sadness at his passing, I also used all of the memories of him and the essence of who he was to find and create happiness in the days.

And also, isn’t the whole point of this #100 days to find happiness every day – regardless of the rest of your life? No one has 100 easily happy days in a straight stripe – ever. Life happens to and around you but it is important to find at least one second in which happiness exists. Every. Single. Day.

And so I did

Day 8


Took my dogs for a walk as I waited for news of Shaun. It was a few moments of ignorant bliss.

Day 9


Spent most of the day in my happy place – my kitchen. Making food for others always satisfies my inner Jewish-Indian mother. Also, it makes me very happy that our little company is growing so well. Every week we have new clients, and don’t lose the old ones. We get to start making a little money, and I get to feed even more people.

Day 10


On a whim I decided to go red. Very very red. This photo does not even do the very redness of my hair justice.
I was thinking about a quote Shaun has on his FB wall about how you should live every day as if it is your last because one day you will be right. And realised I didn’t have red hair because i was worried about the regrowth, and looking like a stereotypical old woman (I am 47 ffs not 87) with grey regrowth, and what a mission it will be in six months if i change my mind – all sorts of other dumb kuk which were not about NOW, and what I wanted now. And it just hair for goodness sake. So I got over myself and now I have the hair I love having. Cos today may be my last so screw the regrowth issues.

Day 11


My dear friend lives in New Zealand and we don’t talk often enough. But we did on Saturday morning – for over an hour. Yay for technology. and wonderful friends. and red – obviously also for red

And today is Day 12 so I am off with my camera to find my moment of happiness.