I am finding it quite interesting to notice what it is i find that makes me happy every day, to look at what each image represents beyond what it actually is

So day 14 is this photo


it’s a lentil salad. it is a lovely salad indeed, but alone is not a moment of happiness worth recording necessarily.

what it is is one of sixty meals my less than a year old company sent out yesterday. we have gone from 2 weekly menu clients to 23 just since January.

what it is is a salad we made for only one person because she is a vegetarian and requests extra meals every week outside of our menu. so we make them for her, to her dietary specifications.

what it is is a salad for a customer who has already referred other customers to us. they placed their first order this morning

what it is is a salad photographed on top of a freezer filled with our home-made stock, and roasted tomato sauce and pasta and all the other real food we make and use in our business. we started out with the idea of using as little processed stuff as we could, and we are sticking to that decision.

what it is is a salad that shows how far we have come and how far we can still go

a good salad may make you happy, but a salad with that backstory is a #100happydays moment