I would never have described myself as an animal person

I liked cats but that is mostly because they don’t really give a shit

I have had animals on and off for years but have always been the one saying that animals are not people too, they are animals.

i would never spend thousands on treatment etc etc – they are just animals

aaah that old me had some funny ideas, didn’t she?


This cat was the start of the change in me, the change into a much for humane human being, a kinder person, frankly just not such an arrogant twat

We adopted her from Cape Town when I was on a business trip, and flew her and her sister back to Durban. She is wasted on us really – she belongs to a 6 year old because she is the cat that would let a child dress her up and push her around in a pram. She is so loving and gentle and docile it is impossible not to feel your heart strings twanged by her

so she is my #100happydays day 15 moment today, sunning herself at our front gate, making me smile with a love i didn’t even believe in, as I came home