Today on Facebook I posted this picture for #tbt

Me 25 1

it is part of a series of series of photos i had done when i was 25 and just married

here is another

me 25 2

i look at these as a 48 year old and think wow

wow – because that was me

wow – because this is before photoshop

wow – because that woman had just married someone she knew was the wrong guy because she thought she was too fat and ugly to even be ‘picked’ again

wow – because i remember wishing i could take more fun photos but being too self conscious because fat and ugly

wow – because the 25 year old me is lucky we don’t have time travel or i would go back and slap the silly out of her

these pictures make me sad

for the woman i was and that so many women are

for the shit we are told by media and ourselves

for the bullshit we believe because it is all we are told growing up

for the years and years it takes for women to find the confidence we deserve at 15, 25, 35

for how fucken hard it still is to be a woman