So, I don’t believe in diets that cut out a specific food type. Except if you are allergic, of course. i don’t expect the nut allergy types to soldier on through peanut butter sarmies.

I know , i know, you can thank me later

But for the rest of us i think everything in moderation is the answer. and the problem is that most of us think moderation is way more of anything we like than it actually is.

i also do not think carbs are the devil and i think banters and noakes all twats really.

and then i got half conned half coerced into doing this whole30 reset thingie.

cue rolly eyes

and i hate to admit after almost 6 days i feel friggen amazing! this thing better not actually be the answer because that will annoy the crap out of me.

i am bordering on bloody evangelical about how amazing it is, and how fast.

this will not do – i shall eat cake immediately

yeah, no, i won’t – cos i feel so fabulous eating my radishes and coconut aminos

who knew not eating a load of things could make this much difference – and i thought i used to eat pretty healthily. so much for that illusion

ps i haven’t really bought coconut aminos-  i must have some limits