So – it’s been a month – a whole month of plant based eating



I feel amazing, I have lost a few kilos, the black rings under my eyes are so much lighter than they have ever been, I feel confident and proud of myself, I feel strong and capable.


I am loving the food I eat and I never feel like I have over-eaten

I don’t wake up in the morning or go to bed at night angry with me for having eaten crap all day

I am less interested in drinking and my smoking has diminished drastically

I am on the path to fitness because I want to be, not because I have to or for punishment for eating/being fat/looking horrible


I eat what I want, when I want – and I eat lots.

I am hungry quite a lot but then I just eat. So I am eating three proper meals and two snacks a day

I get hungry but I never get hangry


I have met and connected with amazing people online and in real life

I have fed meat eating and vegetarian friends vegan food they have been amazed by

Dammit – I’ve made food I have been amazed by

breakfast-and-lunch-8-feb collage-2


My days start earlier and are longer because I have more energy

I sleep better and wake up better

My skin is happier and my joints don’t ache


I have discovered new products I like – like seaweed and miso paste and dried mushroom


I have learnt that it is better to create vegan means than to try to adapt meat ones

But I have also learnt that you can adapt meat containing meals so that everyone looks to be eating the same meal – and this is important sometimes so everyone is seen to be sharing the communal experience of eating


I have found amazing support among my friends – even those who do not understand what I am doing or why

I have had meals made especially for me without a noise or fanfare

I’ve watched my meat-eating partner reading the ingredients on a packet before suggesting something might be to my liking


This may be about the animal but the benefits to me are incredible.


Viva plant based diets – Viva