by Donna Tartt
I read this for 30. A book with characters who are twins. And by read I mean listened to.
This book went on and on, and bloody on.
I got bored at least twice, and got irritated by the author. And then the story would get engaging again and I’d be happily listening once more. Had I been actually reading I am not sure I would have got past the first third of the book.
That being said, once the story played out, I was glad to have stuck with it. It just felt like it was so swathed in unnecessary detail and what felt like Tartt showing off her knowledge or research skills, the actual story and the flashes of wonderful writing were lost to me.
So yeah, I’m a bit mixed when it comes to this book. I won’t be dashing off to read another Tartt just yet, but maybe in the future. Seems unfair to judge an author on their first novel when they have gone on the write so many more.
Or maybe she’s just not for me.