by Ally Carter

This is my book for 4. A book involving a heist
It is also YA, not my usual thing although i have been reading more lately.

The heist part of the story is really clever and would work if the idea belonged to adults. It is not teenagery and silly and all over emotional the way the ideas of the characters in YA so often are.

The immaturity of the bunch of teens in the story is not too obvious. (This is what I struggle with in YA books the most.) In this book, they are getting on with being criminals and only occasionally slide into silliness and petty teenage-behaviour.

I am surprised Carter’s book have not been made into YA movies – it seems there are many that are well loved and this one would certainly make a good movie.

I never thought I’d ever say this, but I might even actually read this YA author again – seems there are a few titles with the same thieving, conning, smart and interesting teenagers. Likeable anti-heroes – we all need more of those