By Jax Miller
I read this for Book 43. A book that was being read by a stranger in a public place. I kind of fudged the rules here a bit – I work from home, never use public transport and seldom see actual people reading. I do, however, use my local library. So I got this from the ‘Just Returned’ shelf thinking that very recently a stranger was indeed reading it.
When a crimey, thriller probably a bit gruesome story has both Lee Child and Karin Slaughter saying read it, you obey.
This book has all sorts of necessary components to make a thrilling read – a wrongly accused woman wretched from her children 20 years ago for a crime she did not commit, 20 years of hard drinking, hiding in the witness protection program, religious cults with a desire to die before the end of the world, hard-boiled cops with a heart of gold, nasty siblings named after the apostles, an obese, drug addicted mother pulling the strings – the list goes on.
There were a few moments when I did wonder if the kitchen sink was about to be thrown at me, but aside from that, this a very readable, fast-paced cracker of a story.
Once it had me, I was gripped. I spent a whole Sunday reading this book because it was unputdownable.
It fits perfectly into its genre and will keep you engaged and involved until the very end.