by Laurie Halse Anderson

I really enjoyed this book. I got sucked in pretty much immediately and held there until I was done.

The story is about a young woman struggling with an eating disorder and the loss of her once-best friend – from a different eating disorder.
The power in this book is both in the style of writing Anderson uses, and the depth of Lia, the protagonist.
I have read other books dealing with eating disorders and I have always struggled to really connect with, or relate to, the sufferer. Anderson makes Lia a character the reader with empathise with – her struggle is real and lacks the self-indulgence so often annoyingly present in these sorts of stories.
Why she is where she is is understandable to the reader, even if developing an eating disorder isn’t.

Anderson employs an interesting writing style, often sharing thoughts Lia is unable to even think. She also creates a broken visual on the page, seemingly mimicking the brokenness Lia feels and her inability to connected.

A YA book (not a genre I am much of a fan of) really worth reading for both adults and teenagers alike.