by Satomi Ikezawa

I read this solely because #ReadHarder prompt 11 required I read a book of manga
I actually quite enjoyed it and was not a happy reader when it came to an end so startlingly. This is book 4 in a series though so that is to be expected.
Poor little Ponta swaps between being a dog and being a human, and struggles as both. It is a daft story line really but is actually quite interesting in the commentary about humans and their chase for happiness.
When Mirai Iwaki takes Ponta to the beach human’s inability to simply grasp life and enjoy it is so starkly illustrated in the jarring connection between the two.

I do find the contrast between illustration style and the content quite difficult. The female characters are so little and childlike and the male characters so much older looking it made me uncomfortable. Combined with content and images with a sexual suggestion makes the contrast even more uncomfortable. But I think this is part of manga and maybe I am just a prude.

But yeah – I would read another manga should one appear in front of me, but I am not sure I would go out and spend money on new ones.