by Ani DiFranco
I am so glad the #Popsugar challenge required I read a book written by a musician for prompt 3 otherwise I would never have discovered Ani DiFranco and this memoir.
I loved this book in its meandering from focus point to focus point. I enjoyed the jump from manifesto to lyric to personal story. It felt unique and authentic because it meandered and rambled, and then came into sharp focus when she was covering something she really believes in.
DiFranco makes it very clear that this is one version of her life, and that there are many more she could have written. No memoir can include everything, unpack everything and connect everything.
Instead, in this book DiFranco shares what she thinks matters and what she wants to share.
And you have to respect that.
This book also sent me to listen to her music and I am a fan
So a successful book, for me, in many ways.