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By Caroline Kepnes

I thought this book was proper creepy and disturbing – and unputdownable
I had seen the Netflix thing before I read it and I was still gripped – despite knowing the end (or did I???)

Kepnes makes Joe so damn believable it is frightening. The way he justifies what he thinks and does is just terrifying.
It is so believable – his slow slide and eventual actions

What bothers me most is that there are Joes everywhere. So much of what he does and thinks he is entitled to do is a short step from what people do all the time – so much so that ‘stalking’is kind of said as a joke when searching for someone details on social media.

I think this book is very interesting social commentary and should be heeded as a warning.
I think the Netflix series does this but people really should read the book – it is so much better!

by Janet Evanovich

This is my book for #Popsugar challenge prompt 10 – a book with SUGAR in the title
Funny little book this – part dysfunctional peculiar woman and her odd family, and part hot weird paranormal man with unexplained supernatural powers.
It was silly and enjoyable – and then I discovered it is the first book in which the two characters meet – which means there are a slew of books in two different series I now want to go and investigate.
So that’s exciting.

Purpose of the challenge achieved!

and angry elves – so even better!

by Khaled Hosseini

I reread this book for #Popsugar prompt 7.
I remember loving this book but I did not actually remember how beautiful it is.
This is the kind of book that could make me a rereader.

Atmospheric, moving, engaging, painful and joyful – this book is all of that and more.

I am so glad I chose to reread it – and who knows, I may even do so again in the future.
It is that powerful

by Kayleen Schaefer

I really liked this book – it looks at female friendship as lived by actual people and as portrayed in popular culture.
I immediately told my best friend to read it too – so much of what Schaefer was saying is exactly what we say/think/experience.

I thought the book a prefect mixture between anecdotal, chatty content and more non-fiction feeling researched material. The combination made the book easy to consume but also interesting enough to prompt deeper reading by some – me included.

We need more and more books, movies, tv series etc about women and our friendships, and about we exist quite completely without a romantic partner.

I have always said my life that there is no such thing as ‘Just a friend’- friends are never Just
This books says the same thing – but better

Neverworld Wake

by Marisha Pessl

This is the book I picked from a list for #Popsugar prompt 24 – a book set in a day
I don’t think it entirely meets the requirement but it sort of does. The characters in the book keep reliving the same period of time, never moving on to tomorrow. However, they know this and so return to the start of the loop each time with more knowledge, awareness etc. So although it is the same hours in real time, it is not the same day to them.
So yeah – technically not really all set in one day.

Beatrice and her ex best friends are all stuck in a loop of time, called a wake. This wake has them between life and death, interacting with the real world but unable to move forward in time. In order to escape this Neverworld between life and death they need to discover some truths and make some decisions.

This process of searching for the truths is what drives the narrative forward. I was very invested in what/who/how/why and galloped forward in the book desperate for the reveal.

This book is based on an interesting premise that is well unpacked I think.
And this is YA I am interested in – actual young adults having real relationships and dealing with actual emotions. I think it is unfortunate this book is classified as YA because it gets lumped in with all the weak, emotionally 2-dimensional crap the genre seems flooded with.

I have already downloaded another book by this interesting author.

by Annie Spence

This is my book for #ReadHarder prompt 1 – an epistolary novel or a collection of letters

As with any collection, some parts of this book appealed to me more than others. I really like the idea of books being worthy of love letters, and break up letters.
Obviously I didn’t agree with everything Spence said about all the books, and unfortunately her love for The Time Traveler’s Wife (which I thought an appalling book with horrible undertones of inappropriate sexual advances and grooming) early in the book did make me consider her recommendations with distrust.
For me, her opinion was redeemed by loving other books I have enjoyed like The Book of Speculation, and Like Water for Chocolate.
I like that there is a list of the books mentioned, on Goodreads. I do like a list to peruse and consider when selecting my next reads.

I loved Spence’s obvious absolute love for books, reading and the characters she meets. her total involvement in books is certainly #readergoals for me.
After this book my desire to be a librarian has reared its bespectacled head again – what a glorious job that would be