by Annie Spence

This is my book for #ReadHarder prompt 1 – an epistolary novel or a collection of letters

As with any collection, some parts of this book appealed to me more than others. I really like the idea of books being worthy of love letters, and break up letters.
Obviously I didn’t agree with everything Spence said about all the books, and unfortunately her love for The Time Traveler’s Wife (which I thought an appalling book with horrible undertones of inappropriate sexual advances and grooming) early in the book did make me consider her recommendations with distrust.
For me, her opinion was redeemed by loving other books I have enjoyed like The Book of Speculation, and Like Water for Chocolate.
I like that there is a list of the books mentioned, on Goodreads. I do like a list to peruse and consider when selecting my next reads.

I loved Spence’s obvious absolute love for books, reading and the characters she meets. her total involvement in books is certainly #readergoals for me.
After this book my desire to be a librarian has reared its bespectacled head again – what a glorious job that would be