By Caroline Kepnes

I thought this book was proper creepy and disturbing – and unputdownable
I had seen the Netflix thing before I read it and I was still gripped – despite knowing the end (or did I???)

Kepnes makes Joe so damn believable it is frightening. The way he justifies what he thinks and does is just terrifying.
It is so believable – his slow slide and eventual actions

What bothers me most is that there are Joes everywhere. So much of what he does and thinks he is entitled to do is a short step from what people do all the time – so much so that ‘stalking’is kind of said as a joke when searching for someone details on social media.

I think this book is very interesting social commentary and should be heeded as a warning.
I think the Netflix series does this but people really should read the book – it is so much better!